Press reviews & audience comments

Press reviews


“I’m often reminded of elements of Fripp and Eno’s Evening Star, except for solo clarinet instead of electric guitar, as many similar structures follow their own paths and eventually just fall into place magically.” - Peter Telen,Exposé Online

"It is Avant Folk Primal you might say.  The entire sequence places the listener into a peaceful, dream-like state and yet remains wholly cohesive and musically contentful."  -Grego Applegate Edwards ,

 "Dickson essentially meditates through his instrument, creating an hour of sacred ambience that seems to be setting a table for a meeting between the corporeal and spirit worlds."  Michael Toland, The Big Takeover 

"A clever film director might use “Wider Than the Sky” as her soundtrack — or simply as inspiration to make something ineffably beautiful."  Michael Konik,  

 "At a time when so much seems to divide us, the spiritual impact of this music seems to  pull people together, to invite not just listening to our own heartbeats, but to the world around us. If only for that, this is a wonderful antidote to divisiveness, and a wonderful accompaniment to being."  -Ari Davidow, KlezmerShack 


Comments from in-person and online audience:

"Perfect accompaniment to my morning reading of the great Ming Dynasty poet, Yuan Hung-tao."

"Raindrops falling, a shower.  A cliff face, rocks tumbling down." 

"Mezmerizing- almost magical, made the rest of the world fade away for a while." 

"There is silence here between all the harmonies, peaceful and patient...cascading sounds fall, 
then climb up again, again until- at once- they fly."

 "Thank you, I can tell you that I felt better, more clear & centered post concert.  My favorite thing is that two days ago a friend died & I felt him here. I saw him  and I felt his freedom being free of a body and I am more at peace with his death."

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