Meditative and cathartic, pensive and emotional, Glenn expands the warm sounds of the clarinet with live digital processing to create music that ranges from intimate whispers to lush symphonic layerings, creating a sensual experience which takes you on extraordinary sound-mind journeys.  

"Glenn Dickson’s debut solo album, Wider than the Sky, may be my top chill out album of the year. The atmospheres Dickson creates for his songs remind me of Brian Eno’s ambient work like Music for Airports. It’s a slowly moving cascade of sound." - Ink19,  Bob Pomeroy

Glenn Dickson

Clarinetist/composer Glenn Dickson has had a varied career playing klezmer, Greek, jazz, rock and ambient music.  In addition to his solo work, he has collaborated with Maurice Sendak (Pincus and the Pig) and his music has been used  by Woody Allen (Deconstructing Harry soundtrack), and Glenn was a klezmer soloist on the soundtrack of Sidney Lumet’s film “A Stranger Among Us.”  His klezmer-fusion band, Naftule’s Dream has played major jazz festivals in the US, Canada and Europe, including the Berlin, Montreal and New York Jazz Festivals and recorded for John Zorn’s Tzadik label. He has won a Mass Cultural Council Fellowship Award in Composition.

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Press / Reviews

Dickson essentially meditates through his instrument, creating an hour of sacred ambience that seems to be setting a table for a meeting between the corporeal and spirit worlds.” - Michael Toland

The Big Takeover

"At a time when so much seems to divide us, the spiritual impact of this music seems to pull people together, to invite not just listening to our own heartbeats, but to the world around us. If only for that, this is a wonderful antidote to divisiveness, and a wonderful accompaniment to being."” - Ari Davidow

Klezmer Shack

“The music is certainly hypnotic and is melodic and relaxing while often utilizing a drone effect, displaying the influence of not just Jewish music but that of Greece and the Far East.”” - Scott Yanow

— Downbeat

“creates a meditative Sound space full of grace and beauty. a soundtrack for the inner eye.” ” - Rudolf Amstutz

— Jazz ’n’ More (Switzerland)

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