"Meditations and Dreams"

Glenn plays music which is meditative and dreamy,  lush and sensual, emotional and compositionally layered.  Having performed and composed in many traditions, including classical, klezmer, jazz and Balkan, he brings many elements together in live performances which take advantage of all the sounds of the clarinet- its wide range and amazing tones.  

Initially inspired by guitarist Robert Fripp's Frippertronics and pianist Keith Jarrett's solo concerts of the late 1970's,  Glenn has combined Fripp's techniques and concepts with Jarrett's spirit of spontaneous composition and transferred these ideas to the clarinet.   He has created compositional frameworks and techniques allow the music to ebb and flow, breath and develop, creating musical journeys which Glenn likens to ever-evolving sound sculptures.   The results range from intimate and meditative to rich orchestral sounds composed of layers of clarinet.

Glenn has done solo performances of this music at churches and galleries in Boston & New York, presented as concerts and labyrinth walks. 

THANK YOU! I felt like I was exorcised during your concert!”

— audience member