Audience comments, visions & poems

Comments from in-person and online audience:

"Perfect accompaniment to my morning reading of the great Ming Dynasty poet, Yuan Hung-tao."

"Raindrops falling, a shower.  A cliff face, rocks tumbling down." 

"Mezmerizing- almost magical, made the rest of the world fade away for a while." 

"There is silence here between all the harmonies, peaceful and patient...cascading sounds fall, 
then climb up again, again until- at once- they fly."

"Cats in a rowboat arguing, moving away from shore with fog enveloping their passage."

"There was a man on the roof, jumping from one to another, listening to the sounds of the city down below. Light in his heart."

 "Thank you, I can tell you that I felt better, more clear & centered post concert.  My favorite thing is that two days ago a friend died & I felt him here. I saw him  and I felt his freedom being free of a body and I am more at peace with his death."

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